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Judeg Berryl A Anderson's Bio
Chief Judge Berryl A. Anderson, Magistrate Court of DeKalb County Important Dekalb County Georgia Election Dates
DeKalb County Magistrate Court is a county court that is often called the "peoples court." No jury trials are held in Magistrate Court. The Chief Magistrate Judge of DeKalb County is elected to serve a 4 year term and has the authority to appoint Associate Magistrate Judges. I have served on the Magistrate Court bench for nearly 16 years.

Magistrate court has a Civil Division, located at the main courthouse, where small claims cases involving amounts of $15,000 or less are often argued by the parties, without an attorney. Other civil matters heard in DeKalb County Magistrate Court include: Temporary Protective Orders Proceedings (by designation), landlord/tenant disputes, evictions, garnishment, abandoned motor vehicle claims, bad checks, distress proceedings and certain ordinance violations. Wedding ceremonies are performed free of charge during designated hours.

Magistrate Court also has a Criminal Division, located near the DeKalb County Jail, which operates 365 days a year. Criminal matters include: issuing arrest and search warrants to law enforcement officers, conducting first appearance(bond) hearings, preliminary hearings and citizen warrant application hearings, including abandonment(child support) hearings.

Magistrate Court Diversion Calendars include- Mental Health Diversion Treatment Court (includes service to Veterans), Jobs Not Jail Youthful Offender Program and Diversion Pretrial Intervention Program.

As Chief Magistrate Judge of DeKalb County, I currently administer, direct and supervise the allocation of over one million dollars in Federal Grant funds to operate the Mental Health Diversion Treatment Court and the Family Violence Compliance Calendar. These funds have enabled me to create three staff positions at no cost to the county.

Magistrate Court of DeKalb County , Chief Magistrate Berryl A. Anderson

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